Here are some of the many photographs we've taken over the years.
These were recognized by AOBA (Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association) at national shows.

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer Farm Scene
Summer Hazy Farm Scene
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Summer Farm Scene
2nd Place 2009 AOBA National Photo Contest

Bed of Buttercups
Cria in Bed of Buttercups
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This is Luke.
He was born on our farm while his mother was boarding. He was such a lot of fun to have around.  He is soon to be standing stud in North Carolina and we will be keeping an eye on his promising career.
Honorable Mention, 2009 AOBA National Photo Contest

Black and White Snow Scene

"Black and White on Black and White"

2nd Place, Black and White Category, AOBA Photo Contest 2005

Features our herd sire Black Nac with companions in the foreground from behind a curtain of snowy Virginia Pine. The pond is in the middle distance and far off down the hill you can see rows of grapevines in the vineyard.

Double Rainbow

Farm Scene Honorable Mention, AOBA Photo contest 2005
Alpacas appear to be looking at the rainbow, which is a double!

"Treading Softly"

"Treading Softly"

3rd Place Ribbon, AOBA National Photo Contest 2005, Computer Enhanced Category

Features our poster boy Moore Brook Ferdinand pronking as a cria over a close-up of GLA Peruvian Pinnacle's shorn blanket fleece. This little guy is also featured frequently in our logo -- like at the top corner of our web pages.

Extreme Pronking

Extreme Pronking

First Place, AOBA National Photo Contest 2006 Computer Enhanced Category

features GLA Peruvian Pinnacle leading Cameron Mountain Peruvian Chamonix

in an imagined first pronk.

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