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Alpaca Essentials booklet
Pick up your copy of Alpaca Essentials

We have proven females, open and ready to be bred to your herd sire of choice:  white, grey, medium brown vicuna, full Peruvian heritage or mixed...
We have maiden females open open and ready for breeding rose grey, white, or true black... 
Just getting started?
Our boys are a great way to start! Purchase price on most of our non-breeding boys  and junior herd sires can be applied towards a future purchase of a breeding female -- a nice start on a future herd!
The boy is yours to keep too, of course!
Want girls? We have 2 non-breeding females who are very dear to us and could be to you as well. These girls have proven to be a real management plus giving us travel companions for females, weaning companions for crias, plus lots of beautiful fiber. They really look good out there in the pasture, too!!!!

Farm Visitors can meet our alpacas, learn about their characteristics and qualities, see what it takes to care for them and pick up a copy of our booklet, Alpaca Essentials: A guide to the needs, habits and attitudes of alpacas.

Somerset with Flicka

Maiden Female Alpacas for sale

Chessie with her young male charges

Call or email for a complete list of females eligible for the future cria program


Cameron Mountain Alpacas sells only registered alpacas.

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