Cameron Mountain Alpacas Code of Ethics

You can be confident doing business with us, whether you are sending a female for breeding to one of our herd sires, buying a fiber alpaca, a companion alpaca or a pregnant proven breeder.
To this end, we pledge:

  • TO HAPPILY AND WILLINGLY SHARE our knowledge and experiences with interested visitors and customers while endeavoring to answer any questions we can or to refer to another resource when we can't, educating the public about alpacas by giving our custom-compiled:
  • ALPACA ESSENTIALS * to interested farm visitors, and
  • TO PROMOTE THE ALPACA INDUSTRY in a positive and realistic way.
  • TO AVOID DOING ANYTHING DETRIMENTAL to the alpaca industry as a whole or to any individual breeder or alpaca owner.
  • TO COMPLETE A SALE ONLY IF WE FEEL CONFIDENT that the new owner has the knowledge and facilities to give adequate care, companionship and nutrition.
  • TO OFFER BUYERS FULL DISCLOSURE of our extensive medical, genetic and husbandry notes before contract signing.

In other words, everyone visiting our farm, prospective customers and casual visitors alike WILL BE TREATED AS WE WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED.


We pledge to give our alpacas THE BEST CARE AND NUTRITION we know how to give for their long-term health.

Farm visits are free.

However, to show our support for the industry, visitors will receive information on how to donate to our
regional veterinary teaching hospital or to the Alpaca Research Foundation.

Roy and Carolyn with alpaca

 * Alpaca Essentials: A Basic Guide to the Needs, Habits and Attitudes of Alpacas

 * Alpaca Herd Husbandry Essentials is a guide to the day to day operations of your alpaca farm; includes the basic "Essentials" with additional helpful tips usually overlooked between elementary and advanced resources.

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Cameron Mountain Alpacas sells only registered alpacas.

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