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Chessie greets a new arrival
Chessie greeting newborn alpaca

The American Chestnut

ARI 1027822 dob May 17, 2004

Dark Vicuna

"Chessie" has a large frame with strong bone along with a laid-back temperament. Her fiber is a lustrous medium brown with black and vicuna accents and a grey patch under her chin. We have "Chestnut" yarn, which is a beautiful reddish brown. To see a picture of the yarn, go to our home page and scroll down and click the "Shop" button, then look for 'Chestnut Blend' yarn.
Chessie is the one visitors always comment on mostly because of her color. Her large frame produces an unusually heavy blanket fleece! Her fabulous fiber coverage starts with her ears and continues to her toes. Chessie's strong bone supports a solid frame with a straight topline and correct leg conformation. She is strong and healthy. Her non-breeder status, confirmed by Cheryll DeWitt at her clinic in Ohio, is due to underdeveloped reproductive tract.
Chessie can be babysitter/nanny to weanling males, as she puts up with no funny business but is not aggressive. Though large, she is easy to handle and sweet.
Chessie is very dear to us! She can be packaged with any of our other packages. Or with our other female non-breeder, Chamonix, for a great way to enter the alpaca business and 'get your feet wet' while considering a fiber or a breeding herd. Having older females to be able to pasture with a weanling is a great advantage in management.

This is Chessie with 2 youngsters
Chessie with two young alpaca males

This is Chamonix in full pronk
Chamonix in full pronk
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Chamonix babysitting
Chamonix sunbathing with Misha

Chamonix babysitting Misha
Chamonix and Misha cria

ARI 1130188
dob 6/20/2005
Beautiful and sweet to little crias, here's a great babysitter/auntie for your weaned female crias. She loves to pronk and will take the little ones on! Since she's a non-breeder (blocked cervix) she'd be a great companion for your breeding females or with other female non-breeders. Or make a couple of FEMALE non-breeders your first alpacas. Get comfortable with the care and feeding before taking on pregnant alpacas. She has all the hormones and behaves like an open female so she can't be exposed to males.
Chamonix is a nice fiber alpaca because she has lots of bright pure white fleece with long staples and there's lots of it on her nice big well-proportioned frame. She has that Accoyo look! Talk about eye candy! She looks great out in the pasture!
She's a good traveler, gets along fine with everybody and has never had any health issues. We are convinced that her non-breeder status was non genetic, but must be a result of exposure to something (maybe in our hay?) since it eventually became clear that we had 3 developmentally compromised alpacas who matured around the same time, 2 females and a male with no common genetics and we have had no developmental problems since.

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