Non Breeders: Males

These males are geldings.
They are excellent fiber alpacas and of invaluable help with herd management and they are both very impressive-looking males who will look great in your pasture.

Both are available in packages with breeding females and/or other males.

SPECIAL: Whatever your negotiated price is for a non-breeder, 100% can be deducted from a future purchase of a breeding female.


Pinnacle, Shorn

Pinnacle, Gentle Gelding

GLA Peruvian Pinnacle

Beige/light fawn

846922 dob 1/19/2003



Herd management is a breeze with a guy like Pinnacle around. He can get along with younger boys or serve as companion to weaned crias. He can also keep the girls company. He's a peaceful guy who never acts aggressive, preferring to avoid a scuffle if possible.

His color is beige but he has quite a lot of fawn on his neck and his thick topknot which nearly obscures his beautiful dark eyes. This gelding is a totally handsome alpaca with a sweet personality who is spirited yet gentle.

When Pinnacle pronks, which he loves to do, he virtually defies gravity! His tail goes up and his feet barely touch the ground. He is amazing and seems to inspire the other alpacas to get into the action as well, even in neighboring pastures. He is the featured alpaca in the photo, "Extreme Pronking" (see this photo!) that won first place (computer enhanced category) at the 2006 national conference.

Micron Count
2005: AFD 21.6, SD 4.5, CV 21.1, %>30 4.1, CF 95.9, Curve 37.7

Feival, curious boy

"Feival" Proud gelding

Moore Brook Ferdinand
ARI 847760 dob 4/8/2003
$1,000 gelding
"Feival" (we can't remember how he got this nickname) is our farm sweetheart who loves the ladies. He is easy to handle on a lead and strong and healthy as they come. His fiber is as fine as his dam's and he grows very nice staple length. He has a special talent: He is a gelding that can behavior test your females! You can't leave him in with any open females, though, as he does try to breed, which is dangerous for the female, even though he will produce no pregnancies. He was gelded due to a testicle that got stuck in the wrong place. Though it was probably caused by a traumatic stress, we had no choice except to geld him.
His sire is Snowmass Legacy's Lustroso, son of 4Peruvian (Accoyo) Legacy; his maternal grandsire is Peruvian Bueno and great grandsire is the legendary Ppperuvian (Accoyo) Royal Fawn.

Feival can be just the ticket for a farm without females
                             or for a farm without a male to test their females.

Micron Count
2004: MC 19.1, SD 4.4, CV 23.3, % >30= 2.3
2005: AFD 20.9, SD 4.7, CV 22.7, % >30=4.4, CF 95.6, Curve 37.7

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