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The alpaca is kind to the land on which it depends
The alpaca can survive in a sparse environment.

Alpacas, the short version:
The alpaca orginated in the mountains of South America, like its cousin, the llama.
For 5000 years the alpaca has been domesticated and bred for its luxurious fleece rather than as a beast of burden.
Alpacas come in many natural colors, are cautious but intelligent and curious and they have diverse personalities.
Because they have had to survive in a sparse environment they are kind to the land on which they depend.

You would never fall asleep counting alpacas!

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Herd Management Sortware

Alpaca Manager is a software package to help you manage your Alpaca herd. We highly recommend it!

It is designed to record details of your Alpacas and manage day-to-day animal husbandry tasks. You can record mating and birth details, vaccinations, body score and weight observations and much more. You can also schedule up-coming tasks using the Calendar feature.
If you already have data in electronic form, ask about conversion options.  They can convert from a number of different herd management programs and offer a try-before-you buy service.  They will convert your data and you can try the product, using your own records.  A conversion fee as well as the Registration Fee will apply if you do decide to purchase the program.
Check it out! It's well worth it, even for a small herd.

Favorite web sites and links:
ALPACA ACADEMY    A great place to start if you are looking for comprehensive yet basic information about alpacas, especially if you find yourself responsible for the care and feeding of alpacas without much time to prepare -- not recommended but it happens!

halter should be close to the eye
Sneakers wears his red halter

Camelidynamics is Marty McGee Bennett's word to describe her method of interaction with llamas and alpacas. Marty is a well-known professional trainer of alpacas (and their owners). Her books and gear are available on her web site and at other alpaca supply outlets as well.

Halter training, or in Camelidynamics terms, "halter acceptance," can be scary for you and your young alpacas unless you understand a little alpaca psychology. For this, we recommend the book, The Camelid Companion. The book will also teach you the crucial skill of fitting a halter correctly and safely.

Try this link to Alpaca World Magazine, published in Britain:

The IRS Farmer's Tax Guide is available on line as well as information on the section 179 expense rules.[Not a substitute for a farm-savvy accountant!]

Young boys meeting the elders

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And of course visit the web site of the Central Virginia Alpaca Network where you will find links to all our network members.


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