Natural Fiber Producers


Members of the cooperative are small family farmers like us -- and like you! -- taking care of their land by keeping alpacas, an environmental low-impact livestock and other fiber producing animals. We have formed a cooperative to have an active role in the production of our precious fiber. Unlike other systems and cooperatives, we know what the numbers are likely to be before submitting our fiber. We have our fiber sorted so we have valuable information about each animal shown on the sort record and know what the profit potential is for the entire clip. By knowing what grades we have, we can make informed processing decisions. 


Please email me if you have questions about the NFP cooperative. Click HERE for a quick rundown of the benefits of membership for alpaca fiber producers. 

I am a Certified Sorter® and represent the southeastern states on the co-operative board. I will be happy to answer any questions you have and always welcome questions and comments from members.

Or click on this link for the NAAFP website:

Click here to watch my slideshow about fiber sorting and the NAAFP coop.

Are your fleeces laying around?
Alpacas lying around

Call or email for a complete list of females eligible for the future cria program


Cameron Mountain Alpacas sells only registered alpacas.

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