Prima is a model breeder, producing crias like clockwork, 6 female crias for us and a medium brown Black Nac son. You can look forward to a cria with these remarkable genetics:
Alianza Bueno 
             Accoyo Royal Fawn
                           Accoyo Mr. President
                                             Accoyo El Moustachio
 See below for pictures of some of Prima's crias.

Prima is sold with a breedback to Tristan, our 3/4 Accoyo, 1/4 Alianza son of multi-champion Sir Peruvian Accoyo Killian.
This is elite genetics in a proven dam.

2007: AFD 22.6, SD 5.5, CV 24.3, CF 94.4
Prima's 2007 histogram
2005: 19.7, 4.3, 22.1, 97.8, Curve 45
Prima Histogram
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Prima Full Profile

This is a rare find! A Bueno daughter and Royal Fawn granddaughter.
Prima is a problem-free proven producer ready to become the cornerstone to your Peruvian/Accoyo/Alianza breeding program. She is an experienced mom with many more cria in her future; we reluctantly offer her for sale as her offspring move into position in our foundation herd.

Prima's perfect conformation
Prima's conformation
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Registered as beige, Prima's fleece has been shown as white. Her fine highly crimped bright white fleece grows densely on this gentle matriarch whose underlying recessive color is evidenced by her dark nails and eyes, the fawn spot on her head and now by her luscious brown cria. Perfect proportions, bite and straight legs grace her correct conformation.
Prima's perfect bite
Prima's bite
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Prima's carefully planned pedigree includes her sire, the white award-winning Alianza import, Peruvian Bueno, whose prepotency continues to earn top breeding fees, now into 5 figures and restricted, and her dam, an Accoyo Royal Fawn daughter.

And she's not all business, either, as she is one of the most playful females on our pasture, pronking joyfully with the others. She is extremel tolerant of others' crias, too. She is the obvious leader who holds her high rank among the females without having to push anyone around.

Prima's production record includes:

Daughter of 517 Peruvian Muldur
Prima's 2004 cria, Trillium

Snow Trillium, Prima's 2004 cria
Snow Trillium, born on our farm, has the wonderful head and fine consistent fiber of her sire, Muldur. She has Muldur's fawn color in a spot under her belly and has produced both white and fawn crias. She won a 3rd place ribbon behind the reserve champion at the 2005 Virginia Classic. She is also a model breeder with wonderful maternal instincts. Trillium was purchased by Lagniappe Farm and has had 2 daughters for them.

Daughter of NWA, Ltd Accoyo Primo
Prima's 2005 cria, Chamonix

Chamonix, Prima's 2005 cria
Chamonix's dense topknot, long staple, heavy bone and excellent coverage are the perfect reflection of her sire, full Accoyo Primo. 

Daughter of Snowmass UltraElite
Prima's 2007 cria, Ella

Ella-Stina, Prima's 2007 cria
Beautiful very fine-fleeced Ella-Stina is nearly the perfect copy of her sire, Snowmass UltraElite. A gorgeous blending of Accoyo and Alianza genetics from both sides.

Son of Black Nac
Prima's 2008 cria, Nathaniel

Nathaniel, Prima's 2008 cria
Heavy bone even as a cria and coverage and density to match his sire's, Nathaniel shows his dam's color recessive goes as dark as brown.

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Desert Radiance at one day old
Prima's 2009 cria
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Cria fleece snippet
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Desert Radiance born May 31
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Born midday as effortlessly as they get... gained 3 pounds in the first 4 days. Lovely soft bright glowing fleece... White with golden fawn patch on head and tail. A beauty!

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