Special Option Program

Option a future cria!
1. Choose one of our open females, select a herd sire (one of ours or one of yours),
2. Cover estimated pregnancy costs (will vary depending on what kind of testing you want),
3. When cria is born we will cover birthing expenses and cria care,
4. You can take up to 3 months to decide what she is worth,
5. Let us choose whether we sell to you or buy from you at your price (you will be credited for the deposit you made at the time of breeding and we will be credited for our actual birthing expenses).
This helps us because we may be able to prove some of our maiden females without increasing our herd numbers. Or, you may be able to prove one of your promising boys with one of our proven females. But anything can happen in the year it takes to gestate an alpaca!  We may just have room for another smashing cria when the time comes!
You set the price!

Everybody loves a new cria!
Dauntless, Catman and Dustdevil

Any Cameron Mountain female is available for lease under these terms providing she is open. Females will remain on the sales list during the pregnancy. The cria option is still yours but you may offer to sell it to the female's new owner.

If you have a male you want to try with one of our females, you just need to bring him to us and cover his travel and boarding expenses, if any. You will end up with a beautiful cria or a breeding fee paid!

We can't guarantee a successful pregnancy, but if the female turns up not pregnant, you can choose to repeat the breeding or pick another. If after 3 months you still haven't decided on a price for the cria, you forfeit your option to buy and the price is automatically set at the amount of your initial payment. 


Imagine the possibilities!
Without the considerable cost of a female, you will have a high quality cria ready to join your herd when she's weaned.



Call or email for a complete list of females eligible for the future cria program


Cameron Mountain Alpacas sells only registered alpacas.

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