Realize your dream

Realize your dream.
Make your dream of raising alpacas come true! Want to finance your purchase? Want to lease a female and own her cria? Want to rent an alpaca and take part in its care and training before you own? Have you seen a deal or terms somewhere that suits your situation perfectly and you'd like us to consider matching it? Just give us a chance to help you.  Our alpacas represent some of the best in a variety of colors, ages, level of experience and heritages.

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RE: Contracts and guarantees

Cameron Mountain Alpacas meets or exceeds alpaca industry standards for terms and guarantees:

  • Attractive financing terms provided you qualify;
  • Help with setting up your barn, fencing, predator protection;
  • Full reproductive guarantee on breeding quality alpacas;
  • 30-day live birth guarantee*:
  • Detailed and extensive herd husbandry handbook; 
  • Hands-on training for as long as you need it;
  • Girl cria guarantee under most circumstances;
  • Provisional contract possible (cancel within a limited time of taking delivery and pay only our cost)*;
  • Choice of breed backs to our herd sires or $1,000 off retail price.
* These terms require a paragraph in your contract requiring you to allow us reasonable access to the alpaca and requiring that you notify us of any illness, lack of appetite or unusual behavior in the contracted alpaca or its cria. We would only be able to offer this if you are fairly close to our farm.

Start by coming for a farm visit. We will enjoy telling you about our individual alpacas and you will go home with our booklet, Alpaca Essentials, for further reading. Then we can put our heads together to make it happen for you.

We would love to keep them all but we will have to make room on our pastures. Let the excitement be yours... in the alpaca business, every year is as rewarding as the first!

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Call or email for a complete list of females eligible for the future cria program


Cameron Mountain Alpacas sells only registered alpacas.

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